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Accession negotiations with Albania should have started earlier – Kukan

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TIRANA, Feb 13 /ATA/- Slovakian EPP Group MEP, Eduart Kukan, stated on Tuesday that Albania deserves the opening of EU accession negotiations, however you need to push EU members to make it happen.

In attendance of the 12th meeting of EU-Albania Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee which is taking place in Tirana, Kukan said: We have a good grasp of the situation in the country and on the positive side I think the political parties are unanimous in welcoming the opening of accession negotiations.

Of course this is encouraging for the country. Not only the European parliament, but anyone else is eager for the accession issue. All this requires hard work, a more united in their position on enlargement prospect. Tangible arguments are therefore needed for us to use them in our debates at parliament. People are hopeful we will get good news from the European Council earlier June and hope should translate in deeds for us all, because you merely deserve this which could be overdue, as the negotiations should have already started, Kukan said.

Kukan went on saying that negotiations are very much bureaucratic and tiresome, so all you need is qualified people and a vigorous team to go through all stages and prove that you fully deserve it.
It is possible to make up for lost time, yet this exercise needs not only the efforts of negotiating teams but inclusion of all. So it would be good to start this sort of preparation, but first we have to convince the Council as it is the Council that takes the decision and I have no doubt that the Commission will propose the opening of accession negotiations

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