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Shala River echoes overseas

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TIRANA, February 12/ATA/ – Around 20 Italian youngsters rafting lovers mount to the mountainous Theth area, Albanian Alps, following a 23 km rafting through Shala River after listening about this region natural wonders, local hospitality and culinary as well as history, epos and the area’s ethnography.

A territory found between the mystic and reality and one of the settlements of one of Albania’s most enigmatic figures such as that of Lek Dukagjini.

Despite the strenuous three hour trek the Italian boys were marvelled and astounded by the beauties of the area, the local guides told while freshening at the hostels promises.

Local investors have understood the tourist importance of Albania Alps by establishing hostels which host foreign and national visitors that climb mountain heights to enjoy the stunning natural scenery, of running rivers and hiking to then relax and shelter into these cosy inns situated in Theth village or by River Shala estuary.

“There are hundreds of visitors that climb our Accursed Mountains even when covered in snow,” tour guides say.

Shala Mountains are an alternative to skiing while its snowy slopes do not melt until spring thus making Shala River a tourist attraction which is described by visitors themselves as Lake Koman’s beauty gem.

The river colour is a distinctive feature to the river itself and steep rocks look as if are touching the sky.

The river flows in the foot of Albanian Alps in a length of 37 km from Radohina peak source to its estuary in Lake Koman.

The river has a diverse water fauna inhabited mostly by the trout which breeds in sweet water.

The river is visited by hundreds of visitors every week to enjoy this rare beauty water sources via multiple tourist agency packages.

Shala River is love at first sight.


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