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Law on former politically persecuted amended, automatic recognition of serving time as work years

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 TIRANA, Feb  12 /ATA/- A group of former politically persecuted who have worked down the mines took to co-governance platform  “ShqipëriaqëDuam” to remedy their issue of paperwork to qualify for entitlement to retirement pension.

In response to concerns and complaints, Minister of Finance and Economy Arben Ahmetaj held on Monday a questions and answers’ session in the light of co-governance with people platform.

Ahmetaj announced that the amendment to law on former politically persecuted was authorized by PM Edi Rama.

“PM asked me to tackle your rightful complaint.  In tandem with my team, we weighed up the reasons you were denied your right to recognition of the serving time and mine work as working years for the purpose of retirement pension. PM Rama engaged me to amend the law and make it more simple for the targeted group. We have crafted the amendment to the law, which is set to make its way through parliament soon. This bill does not make it mandatory for you to submit employment verification papers for pension entitlement,” Ahmetaj said.

He went on saying that this bill will take effect in two months due to parliamentary procedures.

During the conversation with the former politically persecuted, the minister stated that the new law will provide for automatic recognition of serving time as working years according to one-to-two ratio, so one year of imprisonment will be converted to two working years, streamlining the procedure of paperwork.

The main cause of delays incurred by law 7514 on innocence and rehabilitation of former politically persecuted under the communist regime is the procedure for obtaining a document from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior and their appearance before a commission established at one of the institutions in question. After deeming the procedure as unfair and tiresome, PM authorized me to simplify the process whereby the time that you have unjustly served in jail will be recognized as workings years.


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