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Lending stimulates investments in sectors of tourism and construction

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TIRANA, Feb 9 /ATA/- The govt. efforts for improving the regulatory business climate have  the interest of entrepreneurship in making fresh investments in different sectors of economy.

Bank of Albania published the report on lending, according to which, credit demand for businesses has increased by 3.7 percent in Q4.
Business credit during 2017 was characterized by an improvement in the growth rates of investment credit and contracting credit for liquidity. These developments have led to a slight shift of the portfolio structure to investment loans (55.7% from 55.1% the previous year).

The lending terms of these portfolios have remained unchanged in Q4, while the demand is deemed slightly higher in both segments.
Tourism, construction and agriculture are the sectors which from year to year are increasing their weight in domestic economy. Bankers say that investment growth in these potential sectors has been stimulated by lending as well.

According to BoA, distribution of credit to sectors of economy shows that in Q4 banks have increased financing in the sector of trade, hotels and restaurants and reduced financing in the sector of services. For other sectors, the credit surplus has remained unchanged. Regardless of short-term developments, Q4 has seen the growth rates on rebound in the sector of construction and trade, respectively at 3.9% and 1.9%.

In parallel, the loan portfolio for the industry sector continues to contract. The agriculture and services sector has marked positive growth rates. These developments are generally in line with the contribution of each sector to the value added to economy.
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