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Streamlining and reduction of administrative procedures for people with disability

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TIRANA, Feb 8 /ATA/- Procedures for people with disability have been streamlined owing to Public Service Reform and deregulation process launched by Albanian govt. in the sector of healthcare.

This reform has eased re-commissioning for people with disability and visual impairment.

To qualify for disablement pay, the people in question had to submit an epicrisis, personal and family certificate as well as health card. Today the paperwork has been cut to an epicrisis and identification document.

Before the public service reform in place, the citizens had to go to civil registry offices, health institutions, social insurance administrator at local government unit, KMCAP/KMPV ( Work Capability Assessment Commission) , whereas today the required documentation is referred by the relevant Health Institution relieving the individual of the paperwork burden.

The citizen had to appear before the regional KMCAP for re-commissioning, before KMPV in Tirana which operates all over the country for re-commissioning, while today the person in question does not appear before the commission, the simplified procedure includes two steps; reassessment of paperwork and official notification of the citizen.
To date the system has been digitized.

PM Edi Rama wishes good morning to his followers on social network with a brief video documenting the reduction of administrative procedures for provision of public services.
“Good Morning and with this 75 -second video showing how the streamlined and reduced procedures have saved the needy citizens the trouble of standing in long queues, spending big amounts of money and making extreme efforts, I wish you all a good day,” Rama pens.
The Public Service Reform and Deregulation Process launched by Albanian govt. saves the citizens time at the health service counters and other institutions. Also, thanks to these important reforms, we hit corruption which was rife in the offices and service counters.
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