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Diaspora, contribution to preservation of Albanian language, culture and identity

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TIRANA, Feb 5 /ATA/ – By I. Vata/ Minister of State for Diaspora, Pandeli Majo, on his visit to New York has highly appreciated the contribution of Diaspora to promotion and preservation of language, culture and Albanian identity in the US as well as the national contribution of Diaspora to Albania and Kosovo.

Minister of State for Diaspora Pandeli Majko held a meeting with entrepreneur Richard Lukaj at Albanian Youth Centre “Stamford” founded by the latter .

The entrepreneur Lukaj, also Consul General in Connecticut and New York, has made outstanding contributions to the Albanian cause and resolution of Kosovo question.

During the meeting with the participation of Kosovo’s Minister for Diaspora, Dardan Gashi, and Albania’s ambassador to the UN, Besiana Kadare, Majko highly praised Lukaj for the establishment of this centre which serves the Albanian community.

The minister went on saying that Youth Centre which hosts a number of activities about the Albanian language, history and art is significantly contributing to education of the future intellectuals who will be recruited to the administrations of Albania and Kosovo.

“The identity of Albanians in the US has survived intact thanks to people like Lukaj,” the minister said adding that a state has the same responsibility for citizens inside and outside the country.
The people make up the nation and you all are part of it, the minister said.

At ‘Stamford’ centre, Majko met with representatives of Albanian-American Writers Association whom he praised for their contribution to promoting and preserving the Albanian language, culture and identity in the US.

The participants, including the head of the centre Adnan Mehmeti briefed minister on the book fairs organized in New York and other activities for promotion of creativity.

During the conversation, minister Majko suggested holding an annual activity centred on the Albanian books.
Entrepreneur Richard Lukaj asserted his will to build a library for the Albanian community, which will be the biggest of its kind.
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