VIDEO/Steeped in hospitality, cultural heritage and natural beauty/ Delvina, a coveted tourist destination

TIRANA, May 23 /ATA/ Refurbishment of the road in Kalasa, Delvina will improve access to multiple natural resources of this area, which lures visitors all year round.

Abundant in crystal clear waters, perennial greenery, organic produce and hospitality, the offer of Delvina area looks very enticing to family tourism.

Speaking about this natural asset, the SP MP of Vlora Region, Alket Hyseni said that “from Tatzati to Kopaçez and Bajkaj, nature has been generous to Delvina in terms of crystal clear waters, centuries-old greenery, bio products and hospitable people.”

“Rehabilitation of the road is to be complete in a few days and we welcome new visitors to enjoy an unforgettable experience,” MP Hyseni says.
Delvina makes a perfect blend of heritage and nature.

Rural tourism is flourishing in the area of Delvina which offers a perfect mix of agritourism and cultural heritage.

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