A fish auction center in Lake Shkodra opens to discipline fish sale and curb illegal hunting

TIRANA, May 23/ATA/- The fish auction center in Lake Shkodra is due to open on Monday.

The investment worth about 4.5 million ALL has been made with the funds of the Shkodra Fisheries Management Organization.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Bledi Çuçi saw closely the new facilities of this center and assessed it as another necessary investment for Shkodra.

“This center aims to discipline the fish products that are extracted from the lake to enter the market in order to have a maximum benefit for legitimate fishermen and to curb those who hunt illegally. This is another instrument to stop illegal fishing on Lake Shkodra”, said Minister Çuçi.

According to him, the establishment of the fish auction center in Shiroka will also serve as a tourist attraction for those who visit this area. This center meets all food safety standards and the fish is marked with a certificate of origin from the lake.

It also allows fishermen to set the price of the fish themselves by avoiding abuse by traders.

The establishment of this center will further formalize the fishing sector in Lake Shkodra, where about 450 fishermen operate, and will provide more accurate data on production. With the support of the Dutch Embassy in this center is opened even a shop for women working there within a social enterprise. /a.g/p.s./