“When Kadri Roshi and Naim Frashëri insisted in a new theatre”/Director Basha to ATA: New theatre will meet all needs

TIRANA, May 21/ATA/-“The new National Theater, which is expected to be built by the Municipality of Tirana, will address all the needs of the community of artists for the future of theater in Albania, as the old theater did not meet any requirements” .

In an interview with the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATSH), the well-known director Altin Basha stated that the National Theater has never been conceived as such.

According to him, it started as a temporary theater, but it never took the full form of a National Theater with all the requisites needed for a theater stage.

“As it is already known, several public meetings and analyzes have been made on the state of the National Theater. After analysis it turned out that its condition was completely amortized. The facilities were completely problematic from the point of view of construction, their technical condition, fire measures, etc. etc., and for this reason it was suggested to close the activity of the National Theater “, said Director Basha for ATA.

“A detailed analysis of what we lose and what we gain by supporting the construction of the new National Theater, we must look at the history of the theater. In the 50’s and 60’s this debate became even stronger as the actors of that time, Kadri Roshi and Naim Frashëri have insisted to the government for the need of a new theater, as that theater did not even meet the requirements of the time and was not conceived as a theater “, – said Basha in the interview for ATA./a.g/p.s./