Rama: April and May rents to be paid proportionally

TIRANA, April 2 /ATA/ Prime Minister Edi Rama stated on Thursday that “the rent arrears of April and May 2020 will be paid by the tenant proportionately after May 2020 which will be agreed upon with the landlord. ″

In a televised interview, PM Rama while reasoning the normative act issued by the govt. to regulate the rent payment in April, May 2020, said that all this is the result of an information I shared with all Albanians, the principle of an initiative for the normative act.

“This normative act comes in response to a large number of questions and concerns. All individual tenants who have signed a tenancy agreement or any other document certifying the landlord-tenant contractual relationship before the declaration of epidemic situation and have an employment contract that has been suspended or terminated as a result of the COVID -19 situation will not pay the rent for two months, April and May 2020.
Also, all student tenants will not pay the rent for two months, April and May 2020, ” –Rama said.

PM added that all entrepreneurs, natural or legal entities, with an annual trading profit up to 14 million ALL, ie 140 thousand dollars, small business that have a notarial lease contract before the epidemic outbreak, which are in economic distress due to the epidemic, will not pay the rent for two months, April and May 2020.”

PM Rama said that rent arrears of two months will be paid by the tenant proportionally after May 2020. For contracts that run out within May 31, rent arrears will be paid within the subsequent three months.