Karavasta large scale solar plant/ 20 foreign investors in competitive bidding so far

TIRANA, Feb 19 /ATA/- Foreign investors have increased interest to take part in the competitive bidding for construction of the Karavasta Photovoltaic Plant, one of the most significant investments in our country worth over EUR 100 million.

Sources from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy say that although it is one month away from March 16 2020, the deadline for submission of bids, more than 20 companies from all over the world have entered the race for construction of large scale photovoltaic plant in Karavasta.

The foreign investors are showing a growing interest in this important investment in the sector of renewable energy which marks a new step forward in development with construction of photovoltaic plant of Karavasta.

The solar plant of Karavasta will have an installed capacity of 140 MW, whereas the investment value for this energy plant is estimated at EUR 100 million. Half the power generated, 70 MW, will be incentivized whereas the rest will be sold on open market.