Request for Proposal: Albania Eurobond offering

TIRANA, Jan 31 /ATA/- Republic of Albania represented by the Ministry of Finance and Economy, intends to issue a Eurobond in 2020 on international capital markets.

The Transaction aims at covering the government financing needs and managing proactively debt liabilities. This transaction is consistent with the Medium Term Debt Management Strategy of Government to adequately finance the budget at the least cost and a prudent level of risk.

The considered maturity of the bond should be from 7 to 10 years while the issued amount would be up to 600 million and the contemplated currency is Euro.

The Ministry of Finance and Economy is undertaking respective steps to select the Joint Lead Managers (JLMs) for this issuance and has announced on the link below, the Request for Proposals (RFP) with the respective instructions on proposals submission.
The selected JLMs will be responsible for ensuring, on behalf of the Republic the issuance on international financial markets of a sovereign bond denominated in Euro. Broadly, the JLMs will be in charge of the (i) preparation of the transaction and recommendations, and (ii) the Marketing Strategy and Distribution.

Candidates invited to participate in the above stated RFP for the role of JLMs will have to make a concise technical proposal, in English. The proposal should detail all the relevant factors that will make the Transaction a success and notably clearly mention candidate’s opinions and recommendations on considerations on the market environment, considerations on the bond issuance, project team, proposed timetable for execution etc., as more detailed in the RFP. The technical offer should be submitted along with a financial proposal as per details defined in the RFP.

Referring to the RFP published in the Ministry of Finance and Economy website, MFE is expecting to receive the proposals from interested banks within 5th of February.

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