Balluku: 67 Italian, Greek and Turkish experts assisting in damage assessment process after earthquake

TIRANA, Dec 1 /ATA/ – The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy Belinda Balluku said at an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Sunday morning that foreign experts have joined Albanian teams to assess damages in buildings, houses and public institutions following the strong earthquake that rattled Albania on Nov 26.

Balluku said that a number of mixed expert teams led by Albanian engineers and leading foreign experts are deployed to assess damages to buildings. Foreign experts have responded positively to our appeal for help and have joined teams headed by Albanian leading engineers who are familiar with the territory, the legislation and the complexity of buildings in Albania.

“Some 40 Italian engineers, 16 experts from Greece and 11 from Turkey are assisting teams as part of the quake-related damage assessment process already underway. Meanwhile, a large group of engineers from Kosovo have already scanned structure of school buildings in Laç and Thumane immediately after the earthquake. French engineers are deployed in Tirana while experts from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania are to join soon. Likewise, the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed it will send its experts and mobilize its best technology available to this process. A group of experts from North Macedonia will also arrive soon to join Albanian expert teams,” Balluku said.