Ministry of Health: Over 2 thousand injured have received medical treatment in hospitals

TIRANA, Nov 28 /ATA/- Roughly 790 injured have received medical treatment in tertiary health system in the aftermath of earthquake, of whom 700 in the hospitals of Trauma and Durrës.

Currently, 62 injured that have been hospitalized are in stable health condition except for 3 persons placed in intensive care and another one in critical condition at Trauma hospital.

In addition to citizens placed in hospitals, 886 others have accessed medical examinations in 24/7 health centers set up close to the hardest- hit areas. Roughly 335 persons have accessed medical service at emergency camps in Thumanë and Durrës.

The National Health Emergency Response Force has received 4411 calls for help since the time of earthquake and has carried out 1106 ambulance missions.

All hospitals and health centres near earthquake -affected areas are on standby and have been staffed with an extra number of medical professionals.