WB provides $ 18 million to support tourism infrastructure projects in Berat

TIRANA, November 9/ATA/- The World Bank will make an investment of about $ 18 million in a series of tourism infrastructure projects in the neighborhoods of “Mangalem”, “Gorica” and the city center, the Mayor of Berat Ervin Demo announced.

“We are on the right path to kick off the project on the transformation of the city,” Demo added.

“During the last two months we have worked intensively with our partners, while in recent days we successfully concluded the next meeting on the Investment Program, for the period 2020-2021, with the World Bank Team, the Albanian Development Fund and Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, on “Integrated Urban and Tourist Development Program,” Demo said.

The World Bank is also supporting the development of tourism infrastructure in the city of Berat, a UNESCO site in Albania, by preserving cultural heritage and increasing economic opportunities for local inhabitants.//a.i/