Ministry of Finance concrete steps towards preventing arrears

TIRANA, Nov 9 /ATA/- Ministry of Finance and Economy has taken concrete steps towards monitoring, reporting and preventing the arrears. The target is zero arrears until the end of this year.

The schedule and modalities for reporting and monitoring arrears were streamlined in the 2019 Budget Implementation Guidelines, setting strict deadlines for reporting by budgetary institutions and the analysis and publication by MoFE.

Since January 2018, the Ministry of Finance and Economy has also started periodic monitoring of the execution of payments and arrears for each budget institution. This, in addition to updating and monitoring the projected schedule of these payments for the following year, ie until December 2019.

One of issues in our budget system was accumulation of arrears before 2014.
The government not only addressed the issue of their clearance with priority, but managed to settle all reported arrears in the amount of ALL 67 billion within two years (2014-2015).
According to data from the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the stock of arrears at 6-month level for 2019 was about ALL 4.88 billion.

Compared to the stock of liabilities in December 2018, the level of arrears has decreased by about 21%. Litigation liabilities account for about 35% of this stock./a.gjonaj/ /a.g/sm/