Manastirliu: 30 thousand children benefited baby’s bonus

TIRANA, November 8/ATA/- The number of baby’s bonus reached 30 thousand after the birth of Krian at the Koço Gliozheni Maternity Hospital in Tirana, the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu announced .

The baby’s bonus, the financial reward that supports young families, has been part of the new social assistance law.

Not only the children born in Albania, but even the children of the Albanian citizens born abroad and get registered in our country benefit the baby bonus of 40 thousand-120 thousand ALL.

According to the government decision, the parents benefit 40 thousand ALL bonus for the first child, 80 thousand ALL for the second and 120 thousand for the third child.

The bonus for twins is 80 thousand ALL while for triplets it’s 120 thousand.//a.i/