Investments to guarantee access to 24- hour supply for all citizens

TIRANA, Nov 11 /ATA/ – In the frame of National Water Week, Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku, deputy minister Hantin Bonati and the head of AKUM (National Agency for Water and Environment), Alqi Bllako, visited Shkolla e Kuqe in Tirana, where they had a conversation with the pupils on benefits of water and importance of its conservation.

In a conversation with the schoolers, minister Balluku underscored the importance of their role in sensitizing the society about such a vital issue not only in Albania but all over the world. Balluku said that in the last years the Albanian govt. has invested a lot in water supply network with the aim of improving the quality of drinking water supply for inhabitants not only in urban but also in rural areas.

“In recent years the Albanian Government has invested heavily in the water sector. Although Albania is rich in fresh water reserves, we have lacked functional systems especially in rural areas. We are investing heavily in this area today to guarantee 24 hour drinking water supply to all inhabitants of Albania, wherever they live, in rural areas and in cities, because sometimes cities have outdated pipelines. As you know, every citizen has the right to potable water supply,” Minister Balluku said.
During this activity, the pupils of environment club at Shkolla e Kuqe simulated one of the ways for measuring the quality of drinking water.