German ambassador: Let’s act together to protect environment

TIRANA, October 8/ATA/-Germany supports Albania in many areas to protect and preserve the biodiversity and beautiful nature of this country.

Germany’s Ambassador in Tirana Peter Zingraf launched yesterday together with his EU colleagues and Minister Klosi the EU’s “Environment Today” campaign.

Zingraf said, “All of us must work together and reconsider our behavior to protect the environment.”

“Environmental protection needs good laws, which on the other hand need to be implemented well. Moreover, each of us must do his part every day and be aware of how we as citizens can contribute to protecting our environment,”said Ambassador Zingraf on the occasion of the start of the campaign.

Under the slogan “Plastic leaves no room for life”, the two-month campaign organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Albania aims to raise awareness about environmental protection and pollution from plastics, as well as to encourage alternatives to disposable plastics.

The initiative to make Albania the first European country without plastic bags on June 1, 2020 will put Albania on the map of leading countries for concrete actions against plastics as agreed with international partners./a.a/ /a.g/p.s./