Gjinushi: Intensification of scientific cooperation between Albania and Kosovo

TIRANA, November 7/ATA/- The representatives of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo and of the Academy of Sciences of Albania gathered in a meeting in Tirana intended to further intensify the scientific cooperation.

This meeting was held in the framework of the cooperation agreement between the two academies of Kosovo and Albania for the period 2018-2020. This agreement includes activities in the field of scientific research and art as well as various scientific activities, symposia, conferences and more.

In an interview with the Albanian Telegraphic Agency, the president of the Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts Mehmet Kraja said, “This meeting was held to materialize a new phase of cooperation between the two academies”.

On his part, the Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of Albania Skender Gjinushi said that, “This is an important brotherly visit and certainly necessary as our academy has been reforming and the Kosovo Academy of Sciences and Arts has a new head already and these new contacts had to be established to continue this cooperation.”

According to the agreement signed between the two academies, Kosovo and Albania, within two years will realize activities on the issue of standardization of Albanian and terminology, publishing archaeological map, dictionaries, various scientific conferences, sessions, projects, promotions, exchange of publications and more./a.g/p.s./