Nostalgia and style, retro cars occupy Tirana

TIRANA, November 2/ATA/- The noise of old cars is heard in Tirana in these first days of November, while the nostalgic crowd has filled the “Skanderbeg” Square in the downtown where the historical vehicles are being exhibited.

Numerous citizens took up pictures in front of these cars.

This event, which started yesterday evening, will continue until November 3, where in addition to the retro show tonight, the public will enjoy Jazz & Swing which will bring a different atmosphere to “Skanderbeg” Square.

The Albanian Telegraphic Agency journalist followed today the event at the “Skanderbeg” Square.

It started in the early hours of Saturday morning when the retro vehicles departed from the Palace of Brigades towards the central square of Tirana.

This movement of cars has awakened the curiosity of many citizens who followed with nostalgia the passage of these cars.

Speaking at the event, General Director of Road Transport Bledi Gonxhe said in an interview with the Albanian Telegraphic Agency that this is a celebration of enthusiasts ranging from vehicles to Vespa motors. “This holiday is made to revive society with man-made beauty and the memories and nostalgia that come from these rare vehicles,” said he.

“We also have here collectors from Kosovo and North Macedonia. Thus, this is an open day for everyone and the citizens who visit them are numerous,” said Gonxhe.

The collectors who exhibited these retro cars told ATA that these cars have historical and spiritual value for them. They also positively assessed and considered a precious gift the lifting of tax for these historical cars starting from January 1st.

Their passion for these cars was born in childhood and they have inherited it today by carefully maintaining these cars. What drew the attention of everybody was the maintenance of these cars that were more or less 50 years old.

This activity goes back in time. “Skanderbeg” Square looked like an open air exhibition where the historical cars give the impression of living in another time period.

The citizens gathered at “Skanderbeg” Square expressed their nostalgia and curiosity about these cars. For ATA, they described the activity as beautiful. Retro cars have aroused the nostalgia of the older people and the curiosity of the younger./j.p/p.s./

FOTOGALERI/ Nostalgji dhe stil, makinat retro “pushtojnë” Tiranën

FOTOGALERI/ Nostalgji dhe stil, makinat retro “pushtojnë” TiranënAgjencia Telegrafike Shqiptare ndoqi sot në sheshin “Skënderbej” këtë aktivitet i cili nisi që në orët e para të mëngjes të së shtunës me një parakalim mjaft interesant të mjeteve retro të cilat u nisën që nga Pallati i Brigadave drejt sheshit qendror të Tiranës. Ky parakalim zgjoi jo pak kureshtjen e qytetarëve të shumtë të cilët kanë ndjekur me nostalgji kalimin e këtyre mjeteve.

Gepostet von Agjencia Telegrafike Shqiptare am Samstag, 2. November 2019