“Blue Eye” opens to visitors/Prefect Mamaj to ATA: Surrounding of area and restoration of panoramic balcony

TIRANA, October 10 /ATA/-The “Blue Eye” water spring in Saranda has reopened to visitors a week after an incident there.

Vlora region Prefect Flamur Mamaj gave the news to ATA. Along with Director of Vlora Protected Areas Administration Nexhip Hysolakoj and experts, he inspected the tourist spot.

“During the inspection of the area, we came to the conclusion that the tourist spot is safe for visitors,” said Mamaj.

He added that some deficiencies were found, but they will be corrected by Vlora Protected Area Administration, such as the surrounding of the entire “Blue Eye” area and the panoramic balcony that serves to photograph the spring. ”

“We will keep the panoramic balcony blocked due to damage from falling stones and after the restoration is complete it will open,” said he.

Mamaj added that together with Protected Area Administration they would finish the works as soon as possible.

The monument will be accessible to visitors beginning from Thursday, observing the following security measures: a targeted movement of visitors with the assistance of environmental guards and guides.

Vlora Protected Area Administration is looking for understanding and cooperation of visitors and tourist agencies in observing security measures and consulting environmental guards on the ground for every concern.

About a week ago, two tourists were injured, one of them Greek and the other an Israeli, as a result of a rock slide in the “Blue Eye” area.

The “Blue Eye” is widely regarded as a national treasure. It is classified as an amazing phenomenon of nature, a place of natural beauty located on the road between the cities of Saranda and Gjirokastra. It is a fountain 45 meters deep with clear water in the middle of a forest of hazelnuts, nuts, cherries, pines and other green trees./k.s/j.p/p.s./