Reading month at “Musine Kokalari” library

TIRANA, October 7/ATA/- October is the month of reading. The public libraries are hosting a growing number of readers of different age groups.

But, one can find there even the regular readers who do not wait for the month of reading to read books.

In the framework of the initiative taken by the Ministry of Culture for the month of reading, there is a growing interest of the citizens in visiting the libraries.

The journalist of the Albanian Telegraphic Agency was today in the premises of the public library “Musine Kokalari” in the capital.

The citizens had filled the library and we got to know that on this month this library is being frequented by a large number of citizens of different age groups from pre-school to the third age.

It was of interest in this place the meeting with an elderly gentleman who was reading a history book. His words were an inspiration: One should never be fed up with reading because the book rejuvenates the mind and soul.

Alketa Xhelili, Librarian of “Musine Kokalari”, told ATA, “These venues welcome every day 20-25 readers in the hall while 30 readers do already have the membership cards. The number of members in our library reaches 972 so far and this number will continue to increase due to the numerous requests from citizens to read. ”

“This library is frequented by different age groups, from pre-school children coming from their kindergartens to the third age,” said Xhelili.

During this month of reading, attendance of the library is on the increase, with a growing interest among young people who are getting closer to the book due to the initiatives taken by the relevant institutions.

The public libraries in Tirana have become multifunctional spaces, where in addition to reading and providing books, they carry out many activities.

During the month of reading in this library, activities will be organized from pre-school to high school activities aimed at bringing the younger generation closer to the book and socializing these generations with each other.

The pleasure of the book is given neither by television nor by tablets. This is the message coming from the “Musine Kokalari” library, which aims to particularly encourage the younger generation to read more./j.p/p.s./