Investment opportunities of foreign companies in field of oil and gas in Albania

TIRANA, September 20 /ATA/- The representatives of the National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN) attended the proceedings of the Exploration and Production Offshore Congress (EPOCH 2019), held in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The congress was attended by representatives of about 80 companies, mainly from the Mediterranean region and West Africa. They presented their achievements in various fields of research at sea, such as geology, geophysics, environment, etc.

AKBN representatives briefed on the current state of oil exploration and extraction activity in Albania and the opportunities it offers for oil and gas exploration and extraction.

On the sidelines of the Congress, the AKBN participants also had the opportunity of holding various meetings with representatives of many participating companies.

Thus, they held a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the Greek National Company, Hellenic Petroleum, Yannis Grigoriou, and the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greek Petroleum Resources Agency, Yannis Bassias.

This event was a great opportunity for AKBN to contact representatives of various companies operating in our region to promote Albania’s potential for attracting investors and to keep up to date with the latest developments in the Mediterranean region./p.s./