PM Rama: Intensive work up to opening of EU entry talks in 12 months time


TIRANA, July 31/ATA/-Prime Minister Edi Rama said during an interview on public television that screening process is a great achievement that would take place even if Albania’s EU accession negotiations would open right away.

The prime minister emphasized that the process carries a technical and political aspect.

Further on, he emphasized that the scanning process is the most important thing.

PM Rama also expressed his conviction that following a 12-month intensive work in meeting the objectives set by Brussels, the European Commission will give a positive recommendation for Albania.

The prime minister emphasized that the process is not just a test to receive a certificate in Brussels or Europe, but a constant effort to build a European Albania.

Speaking about meeting of priorities set by the EU like fight against organized crime, trafficking of narcotics, electoral reform and justice reform, PM Rama emphasized that meeting these objectives is a government of Albania priority./e.caushi/p.s./