Seaside promenade of Dhërmi transformed into a popular tourist attraction


TIRANA, July 9 / ATA /- Seaside promenade of Dhërmi, one of the recent investments of the Himara municipality, has been completely transformed into one of the most popular tourist attractions in Albania.

This is a large promenade by the sea , and all the facilities emerge into the wild nature.

Over the last weeks especially in early July, there has been an influx of local and foreign vacationers, marking a significant increase in the number of tourists.

These could serve as sources of evidence for the effectiveness and success of the project management process funded by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the Albanian Development Fund.

Foreign tourists from different countries, like Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Macedonia and Kosovo have chosen to relax and enjoy the wonderful Ionian sea and the natural beauty in this part of the South Coast of Albania.

Actually, in the municipality of Himara, projects with an investment of about € 8 million are already underway or have been completed, having a direct impact on tourism sector.

Dhërmi is a village in Vlorë County, Albania. It is part of the municipality Himarë.

The village lies 42 kilometers south of the city of Vlorë and about the same distance north of the southern city of Sarandë.

The village is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at approximately 200 meters in altitude.

It comprises three neighborhoods: Gjilek, Kondraq (also known as Kallam), and Dhërmi itself. The mountains descend to the southwest into the Ionian coast and Corfu in the distance to the south. Nearby is the village of Palasë.

Recently the coastal area has seen a boom in the construction of accommodation facilities, such as wooden villa complexes. In addition, it is considered by the Albanian youth as a nightlife destination.