Reconstruction of 6 Health Centers in Durrës


TIRANA, June 13  / ATA / –  About six health centers in the Durrës region are expected to undergo reconstruction plan, the Albanian Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection, Mira Rakacolli stated during the presentation of government investment projects in this district.

The government investment projects totals over 22 million ALL and more than 63 thousand inhabitants will benefit from it.

Also, the Pediatric Hospital will be undergoing reconstruction by offering quality service, and within the standards we have decided to turn children’s hospitals into friendly hospitals, “said Rakacolli.

Also, the Department of Pediatrics, Regional Hospital of Durrës is expected to undergo the reconstruction plan, aiming at providing quality service as well as achieving the quality standards set by the investment project.

Deputy Minister, Rakacolli added that, “for the first time in 4 years, there are about 300 health centers that have undergone the reconstruction plan across the country. //a.i/