Vetting filter, cornerstone of sound justice system


TIRANA, June 8 /ATA/ – “Meticulous and functional scanning of vetting will lay the basis for a sound justice system.

This is what the head of Special College of Appeal, Natasha Mulaj, said in the opening ceremony of the new premises of this institution.

Being clean, untarnished and immune to politics and money is crucial in laying solid basis for recovery of sick Albanian justice.

“Our justice has given up, undermining the confidence and losing the respect of public opinion due to corrupt individuals. I believe it is an opportune time for them to be held to account,” Mulaj said.

She promised there will be no toleration, concessions, no selection or exclusion. The sentence: we are all equal before law should apply as such and civil opinion should be convinced that we are doing such a thing, Mulaj added.

In addition, they should learn the truth and solely the truth about them, but it is not enough, they should be held accountable. There is no partial justice, it needs to be thorough, complete and be seen as such. Even if a few will emerge from the vetting clean, still the justice will be more healthy than ever before.

Mulaj assured that she would unequivocally denounce any financial or political interference in vetting.

“Undoubtedly, a plague of Albanian reality has been selectivity. I am fully committed and dedicated from the first day of taking office to make sure that all the subjects are treated with extreme fairness. This implies judging on merits all the components stipulated by vetting law, wealth, integrity of the figure and professional competence,” she points out.

No one, she said, can question our integrity and will. “We are devoted servants of law and people.”