Funding terrorism carries 15 -year- sentence


TIRANA, June 4 /ATA/ – Penal Code carries a sentence of 15 years on financial support for terrorism, this is what Deputy Minister of Interior, Romina Kuko, pointed out in her remarks at the regional conference against violent extremism, which is taking place in Tirana.

Albania has developed a string of instruments and mechanisms, be them local or international, to deal with violent extremism. The recent changes have been incorporated in the amendments of article 230 of Penal Code, to include the crimes of terrorist nature which cause panic among the population or threaten the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures of the state. Article 230/a concerns financial support for terrorism , which carries 15 years in jail, while 230/b concerns disguising financial support for terrorist acts, Kuko said.

Albania has complied with a number of international obligations under Resolutions 1267 and 1373 of the UN Security Council. On 10/10/2013, the Albanian Parliament adopted the law on “Measures against financial support for terrorist activities.” Parliament has amended Article 2. These provisions of the Criminal Code complement a broad and deep judicial framework on terrorist activities, violent extremism and financial support for terrorist activities in Albania.
Deputy Minister put the emphasis on an Inter-Institutional Action Plan on reception and treatment of

Albanian citizens upon return from countries in conflict such as Syria / Iraq.
Fight against terrorism is a lengthy struggle, which does not tolerate neglect and lack of preparedness. We are constantly working to be two steps ahead and come to the point of preventing it rather than combating terrorism, thereby guaranteeing a safer and more peaceful environment which is the fundamental right for our citizens, Kuko concluded her remarks.