Protection of human rights related to sustaining peace


TIRANA, April 25 /ATA/ – Albania is confident that protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms is related to prevention of conflict and sustaining peace.

Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, in his address to the UN session on peace-building and sustaining peace pointed out that implementation of 2030 Agenda is of paramount importance to sustaining peace addressing the root causes of conflicts, economic development, democratic governance, rule of law, justice and equality.

The complexity of global challenges that lies ahead of us requires new integrated approaches to peace, new ideas and a more effective management of resources and means. In our view, prevention holds the key. The United Nations need to develop adequate mechanisms to identify the signals of potential conflicts in order to respond on time. Putting prevention at the heart of UN agenda requires a coherent merging of three UN pillars: peace and security, development and issues related to human rights,” Bushati said.

Foreign Minister added that Albania endorses the vision of Secretary General on peace-building and sustaining peace as well as proposals contained in his report, highlighting three key topics.

First, we support consolidation of Peace Building Commission as a dedicated inter-governmental platform that oversees and guides the approach of the UN system to sustaining peace. It is one of the most important instruments on the ground as a deterrent. It is needed a bigger and more effective fund for peace-building as a key instrument to fund the preventative actions on the ground,” he said.

Secondly, partnership needs to be an essential element of our joint efforts to build and sustain peace. The processes of peace building and regional cooperation are inter-woven. UN needs to draw on the expertise of main regional and global actors, international financial institutions, civil society and private sector.

Thirdly, women and youths are genuine assets to peace. There is strong evidence that increased involvement of women in peace processes contributes to sustainable peace, acceleration of economic recovery, fight against violent extremism as well as prevention of human right violations. Youths can play their part by coming up with innovative approaches to build bridges and address the root causes of social and political histories that incite conflict.

Bushati added that thanks to political will Albania has shown continuously and irreversibly and its powerful Euro-Atlantic ambition, all actors have established a sound regional cooperation in terms of security, joint market and trade exchanges.

The process of dialogue towards normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia has helped diminish mistrust and divide, leading to cooperation and understanding, Bushati said.
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