Agro exports “Made in Albania” expand into Middle East and North Africa


TIRANA, April 24 /ATA/- Albanian exports of agro-processing industry have increased by around 25-30% in the first quarter compared with last year, meanwhile geographic spread has expanded into EU countries, Scandinavia but also to the Middle East and North Africa.

Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ilir Halilaj , in an interview with ATA said that impact of financial support on the sector of agriculture and agro-processing will set the trend for increase of “Made in Albania” exports to foreign markets.

There is a broad spread of agro-industry exports from EU countries, which are the most sought-after markets due to higher prices. “Made in Albania” exports go to Russia, Middle East and North Africa,” Halili said.

Seafood products are the leading exports. Sardines, anchovies that are produced in Albania supply a good part of EU market, such as Germany, Scandinavian countries, etc. While exports from this industry include processed vegetable products as well.

As fish processing and conservation activity are increasing hand in hand with demand of foreign markets for “Made in Albania” products, the line institutions are working to increase the quotas of processed fish, particularly anchovies and sardines towards EU countries to give extra breathing room to this sector.
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