Albanians celebrate Sultan Nowruz Day


TIRANA, March 22 /ATA/ – The world leader of the Bektashi Order or the Bektashi Tariqah, Hajji Baba Mondi, extended his best wishes as Albania’s Bektashi community celebrate the Sultan Nowruz Day, the birthday of Imam Ali ‘s birthday, on Thursday.

During a ceremony at the Bektashi World Centre in Tirana, Hajji Baba Mondi extended greetings to all those who celebrate today.

“May you forever be blessed with good deeds, love for the people and family happiness. God bless Albania,” Baba Mondi said.

The President of the Republic Ilir Meta attended the festive event at the Bektashi World Centre.

After sending his best wishes on Nowruz Day, the head of state highlighted Albania’s religious harmony as an example that goes beyond the geographical borders.

“This beautiful day crosses borders of this cultural centre, sending clear messages amid religious harmony and coexistence to build together a peaceful world. Unshakable faith in God is good for us all. Unshakable faith in our common homeland, in common values ​​makes us more proud of the common future. Happy Sultan Nowruz, the feast of all Albanians,” Meta said.

In Albania the Day of Sultan Nowruz is a national holiday closely linked to the Bektashi Sufi order. Nowruz  is considered a pan-Albanian holiday dear to all and central to religious harmony. For followers of the Sufi order, Nowruz is marked as the commemoration of the birth of Imam Ali, the fourth Islamic caliph, while for secular Albanians its celebration is linked to the beginning of spring.